Talk to me

My work would be so much easier if I was able to talk to my fish: “On a scale from 0 to 10, how curious would you consider yourself?”. “What do you like in a guy?”. When I was little, the other children dreamt of super powers like flying, being invisible or incredibly strong. IContinue reading “Talk to me”

The art of perseverance

The only aspect I like about cleaning my apartment (or my car!) is to see an immediate effect of the energy I’ve just invested. In Science, we often invest all our heart, our brain (many organs involved actually)…all our energy for years before we see first results. Sometimes science feels simply like the art ofContinue reading “The art of perseverance”

Independent…what next?

Africa was not on top of my list. I dreamt of visiting Australia, New Zealand, India and Iceland. I didn’t have any connection to Africa at all…until my postdoctoral project brought me there and I immediately fell in love with Zambia. Today is a special day for the country I consider my second home: 56Continue reading “Independent…what next?”


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Me kissing an Australian grouper.

About Me

Hi, I’m Cari. I am a biologist at the University of Basel in Switzerland and consider myself a dirty-feet-biologist travelling to unusual places of the world to collect behavioural data of fish. I thought it would be fun to share this daily crazy life of a biologist with you guys…welcome to my blog.

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