Stage fright and communicating science

Working in the laboratory, analysing data with complicated software or writing a publication is mostly done in peace and silence, in other words: in isolation (except for frequent coffee breaks with other fellow freaks). However, there are some moments in my life as a biologist, during which I enter the stage and face the public,Continue reading “Stage fright and communicating science”

The art of perseverance

The only aspect I like about cleaning my apartment (or my car!) is to see an immediate effect of the energy I’ve just invested. In Science, we often invest all our heart, our brain (many organs involved actually)…all our energy for years before we see first results. Sometimes science feels simply like the art ofContinue reading “The art of perseverance”

Deadly depth: RIP my dearest Nageti

Diving and catching fish was a core part of my postdoctoral project. Over 800 fish belonging to almost 60 different species were caught over the course of the past two years in Lake Tanganyika. This ambitious mission was only possible with the amazing help of several great and super experienced Zambian divers. Today, I wasContinue reading “Deadly depth: RIP my dearest Nageti”

What it takes to be a field assistant

Field work is team work. Biologists are dependent on helping hands when it comes to data sampling in the wild. When my field work was rather short (1-3 weeks), I always found some volunteers amongst my colleagues or students. But who is willing to help for 8 weeks in a row or longer? Tons ofContinue reading “What it takes to be a field assistant”