Zambia – the country of surprises

In no other country have I experienced so many coincidences and surprises as in Zambia. I haven’t really figured out the reasons for it but many locals believe in magic…

After a very difficult journey, I finally arrived in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Since I spent quite some months in this country during the past two years, friends often ask me what I like most about this country. Needless to say that nature and climate are great and that I am thrilled about my study system, the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika. However, if I think about what is really special about Zambia, I would say it’s the people. Zambians are incredibly friendly, welcoming and happy. “Life is good”, I heard a Zambian friend saying today who cannot even afford a mattress for his bed.

Another thing I love about Zambia is the strange and beautiful coincidences that happen very frequently to me. Today, I literally ran into two of my best friends in Zambia who are not even from this town. After I finished work for today, they offered me to come with to the Chishimba waterfalls in the evening that are close to Kasama, the town in which I currently try to sort out my permit issues.

It was an unexpected little trip with stunning views…overwhelming nature.

Rarely does anything go smooth in this country but it doesn’t matter too much. This time we had some minor troubles with the car but usually people are extremely good in improvising. Getting a big infectious smile when things work out eventually.

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Postdoc at the University of Basel, Switzerland

2 thoughts on “Zambia – the country of surprises

  1. That picture with the broken car in dusk immediately scares me…
    How save is Zambia after dark? I remeber in countries more towards the south you wouldnt want to be outside with a broken car in no-mans-land. If not for wild animals then for people… mainly for people actually…


    1. Zambia is one of the most peaceful countries in my opinions. I am never scared being out on the dark even if I am alone…although feels better in a group usually when in a foreign country.
      Not comparable to Tabasco.


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