Defending fish against greedy cats

Little sand-dwelling cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. It’s scientific name is Xenotilapia flavipinnis

In a previous post, I mentioned the interesting fact that fish show personality. I am especially interested in the cichlids’ tendency to explore their environment. You can also call it curiosity. What sounds fun (and indeed is!) is also quite an endeavour. Divers need to catch the fish first and then the fish are assessed for their swimming behaviour in a novel environment. This whole work flow takes lots of time, so each test fish is very precious. Lately, our fish are threatened by two sneaky savage cats against which we constantly need to defend them.

Tiger knows that we keep our fish in buckets. This time she’s not lucky – it’s the bin

The two cats were little kittens when I stayed here last year. They still follow me around, which can be a pain sometimes (but they are so cute, damn). And these two savages know exactly where to find our holy fish. And they are persistent! Still need to find a solution how to keep these little monsters away from our experimental animals.

Our “office” at Kalambo Falls Lodge, Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika. Here we transfer video material from the cameras to hard discs, take DNA samples from each fish und mark the fish before they are released back to their original habitat.

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Postdoc at the University of Basel, Switzerland

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