The bush phone

The remote place where I am doing my field work is pretty much cut off from the world. A bit of wind is enough to extinct the signal completely. However, if you want to spread news the bush phone is very effective.

Good spot to relax (Kalambo Falls Lodge)

I am having problems with catching some fish species that are quite tricky to get or that are very rare. Even the experienced divers sometimes fail in finding them. Since I don’t have much time left here, I decided to spread the news of which fish I need to all surrounding villages.

The news of the crazy lady paying for strange fish spread like a bush fire. Fish come from everywhere. Even on a Sunday morning at 6.30. Sometimes though they get the species wrong and bring specimens I don’t need like an electric barbel (“Madame, it is a strange feeling to touch this fish”), catfish or….a crocodile.

What sounds like a joke was my reality yesterday morning. One of the employees of the lodge told me at 6.00 in the morning that some people from the village are waiting for me. “Are they bringing fish?” I asked excitedly. “No, a crocodile.”

I hope it’s not going to be a water cobra tomorrow.

This cute guy was brought by some nice villagers. It occurs in the shallow water but is extremely hard to catch. Bush phone worked properly here. I ended up with more fish then I needed.

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