Creative parents

Here in Zambia, many people have a lot more children than we do in Europe so they are quite busy with finding names for their babies. Often, people here have two names, one Bemba name (the local language) and one English name. Usually, the locals tell us Musungus their English names because they think it’s easier for us to remember. This is true, particularly because their English names are, sometimes, very special.

My best friend here in Zambia is my beautiful Hope. She managed the lodge when I came here for the first time. Together, we chased thiefs through the bush and almost ended up as grilled fish on the boat during a thunder storm.

Dogs have nice names too: little sunshine

I am blessed with many amazing friends in this country. One that I can always one hundred percent count on is my dear Blessings from Lusaka.

Two days ago, we had an emergency and, on our boat trip to the neighbouring bay, picked up the deadly ill headman from the next village: Happy. Fortunately, he feels better now and is hopefully blessed with much more happiness to come.

Sometimes I think parents had a lot of fun naming their children with less nice names. I met a guy named „Lespiss“ which actually comes from „Less piece“ and suffers/benefits from wrong pronunciation. On the day this guy was born, people in the village were angry…in other words there was less piece.

Today, I met Hitler from the neighbouring village. His parents probably didn’t even know who Hitler was but picked up a funny name and gave it to the poor kid. Hitler is a very joyful character and actually made me write this post.

Hi Hitler

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