(I)sanga bay

During my three long stays in Zambia, I collected data of more than 800 fish belonging to about 57 species. Now that the project is almost finished, I am seriously excited about catching the last fish. One of the last species we need is called Sanga in the local language. It occurs close to rivers and is incredibly difficult to catch. Its eye sight is impeccable so they see you earlier than you see them. And these fish jump!!!!! They jump over the net and in your face before you’re even close to get them. We’re trying since weeks and managed to catch eight individuals, which leaves us with four more to go. Yesterday, we went to see our „neighbours“ at Isanga bay which is a little lodge managed by a lovely couple from South Africa who live here with their four daughters and a lot of pets. Here, I was told, the Sanga jump out of the water during night. One even jumped in the boat of a fisherman…so maybe one would jump into my bucket as well?

Looks like paradise: Isanga bay near Mpulungu, Zambia

We ended up with one big Sanga in the end. Three more to go and I am sure we will manage to get them eventually.

Isanga bay is a stunning place for diving as well. From the beginning of my project, I dreamt of seeing Cyphotilapia frontosa in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful, smart, curious fish species that lives quite deep. Yesterday, we went down to 25 meters where we FINALLY saw them!!!!! Perfect day!!!!!

Little girl with infinite energy

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