Sleeping like a baby

One thing that is striking about field work is that it makes me sleep like a baby. Sleeping that fast is lovely during night but it’s tedious during the early evening. I can easily fall asleep within seconds at 7 pm. The issue with that is that, often, work goes on in the evening. Especially night dives are often required to catch fish that are too hard to get during the day. I almost feel sorry for them when they are sleepy during night and we can literally grab them with our hands.

My field work comes to an end soon so there is no chance of procrastinating night dives even if I feel unable to get up. „I hate your job right now“, I heard the manager of the lodge say when she looked at me. „You need sleep but you need to go dive“. I mumbled (eyes still closed) that I need somebody to wake me up. I ended up with some cold water in my face, which is a nice transition to the upcoming dive. So guys, cross your fingers for me. Especially cause I have to squeeze my bruised toe (ran against a rock) into the fins. Yessss…

I personally hate feet pics but, except for the food of today, I didn’t take any photos. So here you go. Food comes at the end ( didn’t want to finish with a foot)

Buuuut, night dives are fun. It’s a whole other world and as soon as my face is underwater, I forget about the sleepiness. Today is an important one. We still need to catch some individuals of the two remaining cichlid species. Tomorrow, I will tell you a bit more about the cichlids species of Lake Tanganyika. Sleep well guys!!!!


Published by caribiologist

Postdoc at the University of Basel, Switzerland

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